If you are looking for Original DanceMaster click here. Or here.

DanceMaster II is here!

Is it perfect? No...

DanceMaster II still has bugs - some of which I already know about and some of which are yet to be discovered. Finding them is one purpose of this Public Beta release.
This is a Beta Test version of DanceMaster II. There is no charge to use it, but it will eventually expire and not be usable any more.

Is it even finished? Well... No

There are more features in the works, and there will be still others that I haven't even thought of yet. (Maybe you will suggest some.) It will keep getting even better.

Is it better than Old DanceMaster? Definitely...

Even in it's current state, DanceMaster II can do so much more, so much better than Old DanceMaster that is is a big step up. You can use this version for free (until it expires) to see for yourself.
What makes it better?
DanceMaster II:
  • Remembers when and where you taught each dance.
  • Gives you full control of your audio - play music on the left and cues on the right (for hearing enhacnement users) or blend both together. No matter whicn way you recorded your cues.
  • Remembers what dances each club can do, so it can highlight them on the Select Tab - or show you ony those dances.
  • Finds dances with the figure you are looking for.
  • Remembers what needs fixing about problem dances.
  • Automatically backs up your data file, so you don't have to remember to do that.
Play Dances:
  • Adjust the speed by RPM or Percent.
  • Keep repeating the part of the dance you just played - until the class "gets it".
  • Volume meters for Music and Voice on the Play Tab for quick reference.
  • Mini-Playlist available from the Play Tab. Keep track of your place in the playlist, skip around, or even rearrange the list - without switching away from the Play Tab.
You can have:
  • Unlimited Bookmarks!
  • Unlimited Categories.
  • Ridiculously long dance and figure names.
Select Dances:
  • Adjust / hide / rearrange the columns on the Select Tab.
  • Sort the Select Tab by most columns.
  • Include multiple rhythms and phases when finding dances.
  • Much easier to set - you can even move them.
  • Shows your bookmarks on the timeline and on your cue card.
  • Much easier to arrange / rearrange.
  • Print or Export a playlist or dance log.
More Robust:

All of your Old DanceMaster eggs are in one basket - the data file. If something happens to that file (and things do sometimes happen), you're toast. DanceMaster II takes great pains to reduce that dependency, including automatically recreating missing folders, configuration files, and even the database file itself. It can do that because it doesn't rely on you to back up the data - it automatically does that each time you start. That way, if something happens, DanceMaster II can restore your data.'

And that's just so far - there's more coming.

So how can I try it out?

Register on this website using the button at the top. Watch your email inbox for a confirmation, then come back here and login. There will be a "Downloads" link at the top of the page. Click that, then download and run the DanceMaster II installer. You can install and run DanceMaster II on your cueing computer without disturbing your Old DanceMaster installation. You can freely switch back and forth between Old and New DanceMaster.