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Welcome to DanceMaster!

Up Front

You're going to have to invest a fair amount of work in setting everything up to use (think about how  much work getting into mini-disks was), but I think your investment will pay off handsomely.  Lots of other folks seem to think so too.  Once they start using it, most people seem to find DanceMaster indispensable.


Since I know darn well that you aren't going to read this whole manual, I've tried to set things up so you can find what you want to know when you need it.  I hope I've done that effectively.  On the other hand, since I've put a lot of time and effort into this manual, if you write me with a question that is covered here, I will mutter unflattering things about you as I type a curt reply.


There is none. DanceMaster is a work in progress and is not guaranteed to work on your computer or in your circumstances. If you choose to use DanceMaster, you must do so entirely at your own risk.

General Tips:

DanceMaster doesn't expect you to close its windows.  Most of the main windows don't have a "Close" button because you are expected to just go to whatever screen you want by clicking on the navigation buttons on the left side of the screen.  That will open the window you want on top of whatever else is there.  It is quicker to just go where you want to be, rather than putting everything else "away" by closing the windows.