Read This First!
Basic and Advanced
Caveat Cuer
Computer Requirements
With or Without Record Librarian
Registering the Basic Edition. getting the Advanced Edition
Registering Pacemaker
New in Version 3
Added in 3.1
Added in 3.2
Quick Start
Before you begin...
About sound files...
Setting up your computer for recording
Recording With Audacity
Recording music with cues
Recording Cues (cont.)
Encoding sound files
About cue cards...
Winamp and Pacemaker
How do I...
Get DanceMaster ready to use
WinAmp & Pacemaker
Switch from the Sample Database
Change where my files are stored
Understand Venues...
Set up my Categories
Learn how to use DanceMaster
Record music and cues
Set up a new dance
Entering a new cue card
Recording Sound Files
Recording with Audacity
Recording the music with cues
Recording cues
Getting the dance into DanceMaster
Synchronize my cue card with the music
Synchronize music and voice files
Make a Playlist
Use Bookmarks
Use the Remote Control
Use the Hot List
Turn Color Codes on or off
Go back to the Sample Database
Selected Juicy Details
Dance Modules
Karaoke Cue Cards
Voice (Cue) Files
Remote Control
Remote Control
Using Remote Control
Configuring Remote Control
Setting Remote Codes
Full Cue Sheets
Color Codes
Voice Intros
Using the DanceMaster Player
Main Menu
Lists of things
The Dance Log
Moving around in the player
Adding and editing dances
Synchronizing Voice and Music Files
Sunchronizing Cue Cards
Selecting dances
Playing dances
When is a song played?
Counting noses
Bookmark lead time
The Break Timer
Tonight's Program (the Playlist)
Screen-By-Screen Reference
Main Menu
Select Screen
List Menu
Play Screen
Playlist Screen
Dance Details Screen
Dance Log
Navigation Buttons
Venues Form

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