Getting DanceMaster Software

The DanceMaster Player and DanceMaster Porter are available as  downloads, but for an extra $10 I can send them to you on aCD as well.  I can also provide you the Remote Control hardware complete with button labels.

You can download the Basic Edition of DanceMaster for free, and if it meets your needs you can use it indefinitely with my blessing.  (Donations are of course, greatly appreciated.)  If you decide to step up to the Advanced Edition, you can order a registration code, download the Advanced program, and enjoy the additional benefits without loosing the dances you set up in the Basic Edition.

(The Order/Download button is at the bottom of this page.)

DanceMaster Player

The DanceMaster Package includes:

  • Player program (current version)
  • The Librarian, for keeping track of your records
  • Winamp and Pacemaker (NOTE: You will have to buy a Pacemaker registration from it's author for $10.
  • Sample database with (abbreviated) sound files and cue cards
  • Manual (Help file)
  • Upgrade utility to convert existing DanceMaster database files to current version format.
  • Installer that will figure out what you need and install it for you.

DanceMaster Porter

The DanceMaster Porter is used for moving multiple dances between computers. Porter is a separate purchase, and will work with either the Basic or the Advanced Edition of DanceMaster. You can learn all about it here: Porter.

DanceMaster Remote Control

The DanceMaster Remote Control lets you start & stop the music, change the volume, turn cues on & off, jump to a bookmark and play from there - and lots more - all from out on the dance floor.  And it doesn't matter if there are dancers between you and the stage - the DanceMaster Remote uses radio waves, not infrared.  Click here for more information.

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