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DanceMaster Downloads

Advanced Edition
users get their own special downloads page. Please click HERE if you are one of those priveledged people (and have your password to prove it).

DanceMaster Player (Basic Edition)
Version 3.5a - November, 2008 - up to 44MB

You have three options to choose from, depending on your connection speed and whether or not you are installing DanceMaster for the first time.

Full Installer (use this if you have not yet installed DanceMaster on your computer.) (Best suited for DSL/Cable)

If you choose this option you will need either a broadband Internet connection or a lot of patience. Click here to download DanceMaster Basic Edition FULL PROGRAM.This will download all 40 megabytes. If you are asked whether to save or execute it, choose SAVE. Specify an easy-to-find place in your computer to save the installation file to (like your desktop).

Then you can install DanceMaster by double-clicking on the installation file (SetupDMxxB.exe). After you are satisfied that DanceMaster is properly installed and running, you can delete the installation file from your desktop (and disk).

- OR -

(If you want to try it with a dial-up connection): Click here to download DanceMaster Basic Edition Web-based INSTALLER. When you are asked whether to open or save the file, choose open. If you aren't offered the option of opening the file in place, then go ahead and download it.

When it is done, find the file you just downloaded ("SetupDMxxBasWeb.exe") and double-click on it to execute it. The downloaded installer will look around your computer and decide what components you need, then download and install just those. You will need to keep your Internet connection open while the installer works.

Basic Updater

Updating an existing DanceMaster installation is a lot easier, and the download is therefore much smaller. You should be able to use this file no matter what type of Internet connection you have.

DanceMaster Player (Basic Edition)
Version 3.4 February, 2008 - 6MB

This (relatively small) file will update your Basic Edition from Version 3.0x to the current version.  Download the DanceMaster Player Basic Updater into your DanceMaster folder, then double-click on it to execute it. It will overwrite your current DMPlayer.exe  file (answer "Y" when it asks).

The first time you run the new DanceMaster Player it may detect that your database file needs to be updated and offer to do it for you. If so, go ahead and let it.

Player Help File
August 2007 - For version 3.2

Download Player.chm into your DanceMaster folder. It will overwrite your current Player.chm file (answer "Y" when it asks).

Remote Control Template
This is a printable set of button labels that you can use for your remote control.

Database Files
If you want to toss your database and start over from scratch for some reason, download and execute (double-click on) this file. You WILL lose anything you have entered into your database. Freshdb.exe